Czech Lion 2019 Silver Set, Coin Set from Niue - detailed information

Czech Lion 2019 Silver Set
Set NameCzech Lion 2019 Silver Set
Niue / Czech Lion 2019 Silver Set - photo

The Czech Republic does not have its own purely investment issues, therefore the Czech Mint strikes bullion coins with a foreign license. The “Czech Lions” come with a new design every year; this set contains three of the five sizes of silver issued in 2019: 2oz, 10oz, and 1 kg.

Besides the Czech Lion in an non-traditionally realistic presentation, the reverse sides of the silver coins present two more symbols of Czech statehood - the St. Wenceslas crown, and an eagle on the shield that is a synthesis of St Wenceslas, Moravian and Silesian birds of prey. The initial design was created by the leading medal maker Jaroslav Bejvl; however, he died at the age of 75 in 2016 before he finished his masterpiece, so the young talented medal maker Asamat Baltaev completed the design.

MintČeská mincovna (Czech Mint) Mintage30
PackagingIn light wooden box with coins individually sealed, in external cardboard sleeve

Date of issue: February 2020. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Coin Set Details
CurrencyNiue Dollar
Coins GradeBrilliant Uncirculated (BU)
Material0.999 Silver
Product Code75584-710
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Coin Set Photos
Czech Lion 2019 Silver Set: Photo Set of Silver bullion coins Czech Lion 2019 stand - 2oz, 10oz, 1 kg Set of Silver bullion coins Czech Lion 2019 stand - 2oz, 10oz, 1 kg
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