Yu-Gi-Oh! Colorized Silver Set, Coin Set from Niue - detailed information

Yu-Gi-Oh! Colorized Silver Set
Set NameYu-Gi-Oh! Colorized Silver Set
Niue / Yu-Gi-Oh! Colorized Silver Set - photo

This officially licensed and limited mintage set celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! First launched in 1996 as a Japanese manga about a trading card game which spawned into an anime series in 1998 and later as an actual trading card game in 1999. The Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game was named the top selling trading card game in world in 2009 by Guinness World Records, which sold well over 22 billion cards worldwide. To date, the popular trading card game has sold an incredible 35 billion cards across the globe.

The set features two highly detailed, coloured images of Yami Yugi and the Dark Magician housed together as they ready themselves for battle while preparing to duel to the very end!

MintAPMEX Mintage250
PackagingNot Specified

Date of issue: 3 March 2022,

Mintage of the coins is limited to 250 each, as is the mintage of the set. However, the coins are also available separately, so that the mintage of the set will be decreased by coins sold individually.

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Coin Set Details
CurrencyNiue Dollar
Mintage Limit250
Coins GradeBrilliant Uncirculated (BU)
Material0.999 Silver
Release PriceUSD 299.99
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Coin Set Photos
Yu-Gi-Oh! Colorized Silver Set: Photo 2022 Niue 2-Coin Color Ag Yu-Gi-Oh! Set 2022 Niue 2-Coin Color Ag Yu-Gi-Oh! Set
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