2017 Natura Launch Set, Coin Set from South Africa - detailed information

2017 Natura Launch Set
Set Name2017 Natura Launch Set
South Africa / 2017 Natura Launch Set - photo

The 2017 Natura special edition set is made up of a Krugerrand and a R100 1 oz gold coin featuring a conceptual drawing by South African sculptor Coert Steynberg (1905-1982) which was originally submitted for the 5 shilling coin from 1947 - a design the final version of which eventually became the reverse of the Krugerrand. The Springbok coin has a privy mark on the reverse: the artist's signature, while the Krugerrand has a privy mark for the 50th anniversary of the coin range.

The Krugerrand is 22-carat gold, and the Natura / Springbok coin is 99.99% gold; however, the Krugerrand is overall heavier so that both coins contain exactly 1.000 oz AGW (Absolute Gold Weight) each.

MintSouth African Mint Mintage50
PackagingWooden Box
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Coin Set Details
CountrySouth Africa
Mintage Limit50
Coins GradeProof
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2017 Natura Launch Set: Photo 2017 Natura Launch Set 2017 Natura Launch Set
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