Wedding Gold and Silver Coin Two-Coin Set (2014), Coin Set from United Kingdom - detailed information

Wedding Gold and Silver Coin Two-Coin Set (2014)
Set NameWedding Gold and Silver Coin Two-Coin Set (2014)

"With this ring I thee wed, this gold and silver I thee give: with my body I thee worship: and with all my worldly goods I thee endow..."

The Royal Mint has captured the essence of a wedding day tradition which was first formalised over 450 years ago with the release of The Wedding Gold and Silver Coin Set - a gift that symbolises love, unity and prosperity, and combines The Royal Mint’s celebrated Britannia and Sovereign coins together for the first time.

Coins have long been associated with the wedding day ceremony, and are thought to bring luck and prosperity to the happy couple. The Book of Common Prayer, which first formalised the wedding ceremony in the reign of Edward VI in 1549, included the exchange of gold and silver, just as the bride and groom give rings on their wedding day, saying, "Then shall they again loosen their hands, and the man shall give unto the woman a ring, and other tokens of spousage, as gold and silver, laying the same upon the book."

The set contains a gold sovereign and a quarter ounce silver Britannia coin, both in "bullion" quality (Brilliant Uncirculated).

MintRoyal Mint Mintage34
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Coin Set Details
CountryUnited Kingdom
CurrencyPound Sterling
Mintage Limit100
Coins GradeBrilliant Uncirculated (BU)
Material0.917 Gold, 0.999 Silver
Product CodeDUW142S
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