Gold Tenth-Ounce (1/10 oz), Bullion, Coin Type from Congo, Republic of the - detailed information

Gold Tenth-Ounce (1/10 oz), Bullion, Coin Type from Congo, Republic of the (issued 2022 - )
Coin TypeGold Tenth-Ounce (1/10 oz), Bullion

The Republic of the Congo uses the Central African CFA Franc, which is a common currency of several states in Central Africa.

Apart from the regular circulating coinage - which does not bear an inscription identifying a specific issuing country - the republic has also authorised some foreign mints to issue commemorative and bullion coins under its jurisdiction. These are typically in standard bullion sizes, such as one tenth of a troy ounce of gold (abbreviated as 1/10 oz Au, where "Au" comes from the Latin word for gold, Aurum), and carry the legend and state symbols of the Republic of the Congo. The coins are legal tender in all member states of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC: abbreviated from the French "Communauté Économique et Monétaire de l'Afrique Centrale").

Congo, Republic of the / Gold Tenth-Ounce (1/10 oz), Bullion - obverse photo

Within a beaded border, the reverse of the coin displays the Coat of Arms of the Republic of the Congo, featuring a shield with a rampant lion holding a torch. The shield is crowned, and has two large African elephants for supporters. At the base of the crown, the inscription REPUBLIQUE DU CONGO (Republic of Congo). A banner with the national motto UNITÉ TRAVAIL PROGRÈS ("Unity, Work, Progress") is draped from a bar supporting the elephants.

Around above, the name of the country in French (its official language): REPUBLIQUE DU CONGO.

Around below, the face value 1000 FRANCS CFA (one thousand Central African CFA Francs).

Congo, Republic of the / Gold Tenth-Ounce (1/10 oz), Bullion - reverse photo

Various designs as listed individually below.

Reverse Inscription 1/10 OZ 9999 GOLD
EdgeMilledEdge InscriptionNone
Coin Type: Gold Tenth-Ounce (1/10 oz), Bullion - (1) Coins
Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Gold Tenth-Ounce (1/10 oz), Bullion: Details
CountryCongo, Republic of the
CurrencyCentral African CFA Franc, Republic of the Congo
Face Value1000 (x Franc)
Material0.9999 Gold
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size16.5000 mm
Mass3.1100 g