Unsorted, Coin Type from France, Kingdom of - detailed information

Unsorted, Coin Type from France, Kingdom of (issued - )
Coin TypeUnsorted

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Coin Type: Unsorted - (26) Coins
Coin NameMintageEffigyLegend
Masse d'Or of King Philippe IV unknown
Parisis d'Or unknown
Ecu d'Or of King Charles VII unknown
Jeton Dauphine unknown
Jeton 1615 Flavecset unknown
Jeton 1641 Sedan unknown
Jeton Consillio unknown
Jeton Bella unknown
Rechenpfennig Louis XIV unknown
Jeton 1693 Louis Magnus unknown
Double Louis d'Or 1698 unknown
Double Louis d'Or 1702 unknown LVD <Bullet> XIIII <Bullet> D <Bullet> G FR <Bullet> ET <Bullet> NAV <Bullet> REX
Double Louis d'Or 1703 unknown LVD <Bullet> XIIII <Bullet> D <Bullet> G FR <Bullet> ET <Bullet> NAV <Bullet> REX
Half Ecu 1705 unknown
Jeton Comitia Artesis unknown
Jeton 1716 Dijon unknown
Quarter Ecu 1717 unknown
Double Louis d'Or 1723 unknown
Jeton 1751 Dijon Claude Marlot unknown
Two Sols 1755 unknown
Jeton Felicitas Pupiicas unknown
Jeton Optimo Principi unknown
Jeton Omnibvs Nonsibi unknown
Jeton Omnibvs Nonsibi (portrait left) unknown
Jeton Sol Regni Abiit unknown
Jeton 20 Centimes Consommer 365 Depose unknown
Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Unsorted: Details
CountryFrance, Kingdom of
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)