One Cent (Copper, Holed), Coin Type from Sarawak - detailed information

One Cent (Copper, Holed), Coin Type from Sarawak (issued 1892 - 1897)
Coin TypeOne Cent (Copper, Holed)

In 1891, the export of coins from Sarawak was forbidden due to complaints by the Straits Settlements Government. As a result, from 1892 to 1897 the one cent coins of Sarawak had a centre hole, which meant they were thicker to preserve the same weight and diameter as earlier coins, and necessitated a smaller portrait of the Rajah on the obverse. The protected status of Sarawak was also reflected in the design of the cent introduced in 1892 where the crossed flags below the hole represented those of Sarawak and Britain.


Head of Charles Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak, facing left, above hole in centre. Around, C. BROOKE RAJAH. Below, crossed flags representing Sarawak and the United Kingdom (as an indication that Sarawak was a British protectorate).

Obverse Inscription C. BROOKE RAJAH

Value ONE CENT in two lines separated by centre hole and within a wreath of two olive branches; around above, SARAWAK; below, the date. Above the date, the mint mark H.

Reverse Inscription SARAWAK ONE CENT [year]
EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone

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One Cent (Copper, Holed): Details
CurrencySarawak Dollar
Sub-type ofOne Cent
Face Value1 (x Cent)
CurrentNo (demonetised 1953)
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
ShapeRound with hole
Size29.000 mm
Thickness1.900 mm
Mass9.330 g
One Cent (Copper, Holed): Photos
Sarawak Cent 1892
Copyright: numis-kimel
Sarawak Cent 1892
Copyright: numis-kimel