Gazeta, Coin Type from Septinsular Republic - detailed information

Gazeta, Coin Type from Septinsular Republic (issued 1801 - 1801)
Coin TypeGazeta

Greek: Γαζέτα, also spelled in English as Gazetta (with double t). It succeeded the Venetian Gazzetta (spelled with double z and double t) which was subdivided into two soldi, however the Gazeta of the Septinsular (Seven-Island) Republic was not subdivided into smaller units.

According to Coins and Medals of the Septinsular Republic by Pavlos Lambru, minted in Garitsa, Kerkyra (Corfu).


Winged lion of San Marco (St Mark) holding the Gospel (or in some interpretations a shield) and seven arrows. Around, ΕΠΤΑΝΗΣΟΣ ΠΟΛΙΤΕΙΑ meaning "Septinsular (Seven-Island) State" in Greek.

The Lion of San Marco is the symbol of the city of Venice and formerly of the Republic of Venice, which ruled the Ionian Islands for centuries until they were formed into the short-lived Septinsular Republic in 1801.

Obverse Inscription ΕΠΤΑΝΗΣΟΣ ΠΟΛΙΤΕΙΑ

Value and the year: 1 ΓΑΖΕΤΑ 1801, surrounded by a chain-like circle. Variations exist with a star and a bar before, after or below the date.

Reverse Inscription 1 ΓΑΖΕΤΑ 1801
EdgeEdge Inscription

Additional information:

Λάμπρου, Παύλος (1844). Νομίσματα και μετάλλια της Επτανήσου πολιτείας, ISBN 978-960-258-102-5 (Coins and Medals of the Septinsular Republic by Pavlos Lambru).

Coin Type: Gazeta - (1) Coins
Coin NameReverseObverseDetails
Gazeta 1801 Material: Copper
Mint: Garitsa
Mintage: unknown
Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Gazeta: Details
CountrySeptinsular Republic
Face Value1 (x Gazeta)
CurrentNo (demonetised 1819)
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
Mass5.400 g