Two Cents, Coin Type from South Africa - detailed information

Two Cents, Coin Type from South Africa (issued 1965 - 2001)
Coin TypeTwo Cents

The South African Two Cents coin (abbreviated as 2c) was a small circulating coin of the Rand currency. Unlike the other denominations, it was not created at decimalisation on 14 February 1961 - there was a 2½ (two and a half cents) coin instead. This was short-lived though and was discontinued only four years later.

When South Africa introduced its Second Decimal Coinage in 1965, there was a Two Cents denomination in it.

The first type of Two Cents was made of bronze and was issued until 1990. This was changed to a smaller copper-plated steel version issued until 2001, after which time the denomination was discontinued.

Apart from the regular designs, there were also four commemorative issues with different obverses.

The denomination has not been demonetised and the coins are still legal tender throughout the Common Monetary Area, although in practice they do not circulate due to their low value.

South Africa / Two Cents - obverse photo

The first obverse (1965 - 1969), designed by Tommy Sasseen, has a portrait of Jan van Riebeeck facing right; the legend is in one language only - either SOUTH AFRICA or SUID-AFRIKA, with both versions issued every year.

The second obverse (1970 - 1999) displays the Coat of Arms of South Africa at its centre.

Around left, the name of the country in English: SOUTH AFRICA; around right, the name in Afrikaans: SUID-AFRIKA.

Below, the date of issue: * [year] *.

After 1996, the legend was changed to one language only: AFURIKA TSHIPEMBE in Venda. The Coat of Arms was updated to the new one in 2000.

Obverse Inscription SOUTH AFRICA * SUID-AFRIKA * [year] *
South Africa / Two Cents - reverse photo

The first reverse design (1965 - 1990) shows a bucking Wildebeest at its centre. Below right, in small letters the initials of the designer JvZ (for Jan van Zyl).

Below, the numeral value 2 (two cents).

Reverse Inscription 2c
EdgeMilledEdge InscriptionNone
Coin Type: Two Cents - (44) Coins
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Two Cents: Details
CountrySouth Africa
Sub-types Two Cents, Bronze
Two Cents, Steel
Face Value2 (x Cent)
CurrentNo; withdrawn 2003
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)