South Africa: Coins Issued and Used

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South Africa (1910 - )
Information about what currencies were issued by South Africa, with lists of coinage, as well as periods when foreign-issued currencies were used.
Currency: Rand. Used in South Africa: (1961 - present)
Used1961 - present

The Rand was introduced on 14 February 1961. A Decimal Coinage Commission had been set up in 1956 to consider a move away from the denominations of pounds, shillings and pence, submitting its recommendation on 8 August 1958. It replaced the South African pound as legal tender, at the rate of 2 rand = 1 pound or 10 shillings to the rand.

Five Rand, Commemorative (Bimetallic)
1 coin (2019)
Coin NameMintage
Five Rand 2019 Constitutional Democracy unknown
One Rand
1 coin (1985)
Coin NameMintage
One Rand 1985 Parliament 34,731
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