Unsorted, Coin Type from United Kingdom - detailed information

Unsorted, Coin Type from United Kingdom (issued - )
Coin TypeUnsorted

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Reverse Inscription
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Coin Type: Unsorted - (57) Coins
Coin NameMintageEffigyLegend
Halfpenny Token Norfolk Peace and Plenty unknown
Halfpenny Token British Liberty Displayed unknown
Halfpenny Token Thomas Spence unknown
Halfpenny Token 1794 Warley Prince of Wales unknown
Halfpenny Token 1792 Birmingham John Howard unknown
Halfpenny Token Middlesex Fox unknown
Halfpenny Token 1801 Middlesex Pidcock unknown
One Shilling Token 1811 Bastin Cheltenham unknown
One Shilling Token 1811 Wiltshire and Shaftesbury Bank unknown
Sixpence Token 1811 Marlborough unknown
Sixpence Token 1811 Bristol unknown
Sixpence Silver Token 1811 Charing Cross unknown
Penny Token 1811 West Bromwich unknown
Penny Token 1811 Bristol unknown
Penny Token 1811 Newcastle-on-Tyne unknown
Penny Token 1811 Norwich John Barker unknown
Penny Token 1811 Bath Whitchurch unknown
Penny Token 1811 Dudley Wallis and Badger unknown
Halfpenny Token 1811 Bristol unknown
Cornish Penny Token 1812 unknown
One Shilling Token 1812 Smalpage and Lumb unknown
Shilling Token 1812 Cheshire Stockport unknown
Penny Token 1812 Birmingham Workhouse unknown
Penny Token 1812 Hull Lead works unknown
Penny Token 1813 James Atherton unknown
Penny Token 1813 Nottingham William Baker unknown
Farthing Token 1813 Chatteris unknown
Penny Token 1813 Newcastle Cotton Works unknown
Penny Token 1813 Withymore Griffin unknown
Penny Token 1813 Sheffield Overseers of the Poor unknown
Penny Token 1813 Ireland McKenzie Ironmonger unknown
Farthing Token Dr Eady Soho 1820 -1825 unknown
Farthing Token Barret's Tea House unknown
Ambrose Pub and Tavern Check Edinburgh unknown
Farthing Token 1825 London Warrens unknown
Brass Death Medal George IV 1830 unknown
Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society Medal unknown
Token 1837 To Hanover unknown VICTORIA REGINA
King William IV Death Medal 1837 unknown
Medal 1840 Polytechnic Institution London unknown
Model Penny 1844 unknown
Farthing Token 1844 Staffordshire Willenhall unknown
Model Quarter Farthing 1848 unknown
Model Halfpenny 1848 unknown
Model Penny 1848 unknown
London Luck Novelty Company Token unknown
Crystal Palace Medal 1851 unknown
Crystal Palace Medal 1851 Tin unknown
Great Exhibition Medal 1851 Prince Albert unknown HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE ALBERT
International Exhibition 1862 Medal unknown H; M. G. MAJESTY / QUEEN VICTORIA
Farthing Token Staffordshire Bilston unknown
Personalised Pub Token unknown
Penny Token 1867 Ireland Stewart unknown
Farthing Token Staffordshire Darlaston unknown
Token 1876 London and Newcastle Tea Compant unknown
Pub Token Darby's Beehive Ales unknown
Medal 1976 Field Marshal Montgomery unknown FIELD MARSHAL VISC. MONTGOMERY OF ALAMEIN * KG . GCB . DSO . DL .
Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Unsorted: Details
CountryUnited Kingdom
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)