Dollar Pattern (Goose Dollar), Coin from Australia - detailed information

Dollar Pattern (Goose Dollar), Coin from Australia
CoinDollar Pattern (Goose Dollar)

This is an unofficial Australian pattern "Crown" sized proof coin with a (fictional) one dollar denomination. It was commissioned by the Australian Coin Review, designed by Andor Mészáros and minted by Pinches of London in 1967.

John Gartner, noted numismatist and founder of the Australian Coin Review, was disappointed that Australia's new decimal currency, launched in 1966, did not include a dollar coin. In order to resolve the 'deficiency', he sponsored a design competition in the magazine for an 'unofficial crown' of Australia. The winning design was by Andor Mészáros (1900-1972), a noted medallist. Mészáros had been one of six artists selected to submit designs for the new decimal coins; he lost the currency competition to Stuart Devlin. Andor reworked his flying swan design for the 20-cent piece for the obverse and the wattle from his two-cent coin design for the reverse, and submitted them to the Australian Coin Review.

In 1967, the magazine issued unofficial souvenir proof and standard coins. The coin was not official currency but it was popular with collectors and the initial issue rapidly sold out; a total of 4000 pieces in gold or silver were struck. Although the image is of a swan, the coin is known colloquially as the Goose Dollar, perhaps because of its resemblance to Canada's centennial dollar issued the same year, which featured a Canada goose in flight. Its commissioning and subsequent popularity demonstrates the depth of interest in Australian numismatic circles to have a coin that was distinctively Australian but also conformed to the interests of serious collectors both at home and abroad.

The coins were distributed in a maroon leatherette case.

MintJohn Pinches Medallists Mint MarkNone Total Mintage4,000
Australia / Dollar Pattern (Goose Dollar) - obverse photo

Black swan in flight, to left. Below, AUSTRALIA; below that, a crown; below the crown, the date 1967.

Obverse Inscription AUSTRALIA 1967
Australia / Dollar Pattern (Goose Dollar) - reverse photo

Cluster of wattle plants. The number 100 is superimposed, with the 1 larger than the 00.

Reverse Inscription 100
EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone
Dollar Pattern (Goose Dollar): Known varieties
Variety Gold
Mintage Issued: unknown (included in total)
Dollar Pattern (Goose Dollar): References to Information Used
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Coin NameMintageEffigyLegend
Dollar Pattern (Goose Dollar) 4,000 AUSTRALIA 1967
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Dollar Pattern (Goose Dollar): Details
Coin TypeDollar Pattern (Goose Dollar)
Total Mintage4,000
DesignerAndor Mészáros
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
Size38.0000 mm
Thickness3.0000 mm
Mass28.7000 g
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Dollar Pattern (Goose Dollar): Photos
Proof Coin - 1 Dollar, Pattern 'Crown', Australian Coin Review, Australia, 1967
Copyright: Museums Victoria / CC BY
Proof Coin - 1 Dollar, Pattern 'Crown', Australian Coin Review, Australia, 1967
Copyright: Museums Victoria / CC BY