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We know of 1 currency periods in South Australia, being:

Pound Sterling (1836 - 1901)

In 1834 the South Australian Association, with the aid of such figures as George Grote, William Molesworth and the Duke of Wellington persuaded British Parliament to pass the South Australia Colonisation Act 1834. The Act stated that 802,511 square kilometres would be allotted to the colony and to be convict-free. The plan for the colony to be the ideal embodiment of the best qualities of British society, that is, no religious discrimination or unemployment. The province and its capital were named prior to settlement.

On 1 January 1901, following a proclamation by Queen Victoria, South Australia ceased to be a self-governing colony and became a state of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Five Pounds 1852 - 1852
  Five Pounds

One Pound 1852 - 1852
  Adelaide Pound - Type I
  Adelaide Pound - Type II