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Bulgaria, Second Kingdom of (1185 - 1396)

The Second Bulgarian Empire (Bulgarian: Второ българско царство, Vtorо Bălgarskо Tsartsvo) was a medieval Bulgarian state that existed between 1185 and 1396 or 1422. A successor to the First Bulgarian Empire, it reached the peak of its power under Tsars Kaloyan and Ivan Asen II before gradually being conquered by the Ottomans in the late 14th and early 15th centuries. It was succeeded by the Principality and later Kingdom of Bulgaria in 1878.

Bulgaria, Second Kingdom of: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
Цар Петър IV (Tsar Peter IV), first reign 1185 1190
Цар Иван Асен II (Tsar Ivan Asen I) 1189 1196
Цар Петър IV (Tsar Peter IV), second reign 1196 1197
Цар Калоян (Tsar Kaloyan) 1197 October 1207
Цар Борил (Tsar Boril) 1207 1218
Цар Иван Асен II (Tsar Ivan Asen II) 1218 24 June 1241
Цар Калиман I (Tsar Kaliman I) 1241 1246
Цар Михаил II Асен (Tsar Michael II Asen) 1246 1256
Цар Калиман Асен II (Tsar Kaliman Asen II) 1256 1256
Цар Мицо Асен (Tsar Mitso Asen) 1256 1257
Цар Константин Тих (Tsar Constantine Tikh) 1257 1277
Цар Михаил Асен II (Tsar Michael Asen II) 1277 1278
Цар Ивайло и Цар Михаил Асен II (Tsar Ivaylo and Tsar Michael Asen II) 1278 1279
Цар Иван Асен III (Tsar Ivan Asen III) 1279 1280
Цар Георги Тертер I (Tsar George Terter I) 1280 1292
Цар Смилец (Tsar Smilets) 1292 1298
Цар Иван II (Tsar Ivan II) 1298 1299
Цар Чака (Tsar Chaka) 1299 1300
Цар Теодор Светослав (Tsar Theodore Svetoslav) 1300 1322 1
Цар Георги Тертер II (Tsar George Terter II) 1321 1322
Цар Михаил Асен III (Tsar Mihail Asen III) 1323 31 July 1330 1
Цар Иван Стефан (Tsar Ivan Stefan) August 1330 March 1331
Цар Иван Александър (Tsar Ivan Alexander), first sole reign March 1331 1332 1
Tsar Ivan Alexander and Mihail Asen IV, first co-reign 1332 1337
Tsar Ivan Alexander, Mihail Asen IV and Ivan Asen IV 1337 1349
Tsar Ivan Alexander and Mihail Asen IV, second co-reign 1349 1355 1
Цар Иван Александър (Tsar Ivan Alexander), second sole reign 1355 17 February 1371
Цар Иван Срацимир (Tsar Ivan Sratsimir) 1356 1396
Цар Иван Шишман (Tsar Ivan Shishman) 17 February 1371 3 June 1395
Цар Константин II (Tsar Constantine II) 1396 17 September 1422
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Bulgaria, Second Kingdom of: Currencies Used
Bulgarian Grosso 1185 1395