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Ceylon, British (1796 - 1972)

Ceylon (now named Sri Lanka) is an island country in South Asia, located about 31 kilometres off the southern coast of India.

During the Napoleonic Wars, Great Britain, fearing that French control of the Netherlands might deliver Sri Lanka to the French, occupied the coastal areas of the island (which they called Ceylon) with little difficulty in 1796. In 1802 by the Treaty of Amiens the Dutch part of the island was ceded to Britain, and became a crown colony.

After the Kandyan Wars and the signing of the Kandyan Convention in 1815 the island recognized the King of England as the King of Kandy, hence the British Monarch. This ended 2357 years of Sri Lankan monarchy. The Monarchs of Ceylon lasted from 1815 to 1972.

Between 1948 and 1972, Ceylon (Sinhala: ලංකා ඩොමීනියන් රාජ්‍යය Lanka Dominian Rajyaya) was a Dominion in the Commonwealth of Nations. In 1948, British Ceylon was granted independence as Ceylon. In 1972, Ceylon became a republic within the Commonwealth, and its name was changed to Sri Lanka.

Ceylon, British: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
King George III 10 March 1815 29 January 1820
King George IV 29 January 1820 26 June 1830
King William IV 26 June 1830 20 June 1837
Queen Victoria 20 June 1837 22 January 1901
King Edward VII 22 January 1901 6 May 1910 1
King George V 6 May 1910 20 January 1936
King Edward VIII 20 January 1936 11 December 1936
King George VI 11 December 1936 6 February 1952 2
Queen Elizabeth II 6 February 1952 22 May 1972
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Official NameCeylon, British
FlagFlag of Ceylon, British
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