Egypt: Information

Egypt (1922 - )

Egypt is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia, via a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula. Most of Egypt's territory of 1,010,000 square kilometres lies within the Nile Valley. It is a Mediterranean country and is bordered by the Gaza Strip and Israel to the northeast, the Gulf of Aqaba to the east, the Red Sea to the east and south, Sudan to the south and Libya to the west.

Egypt: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
فؤاد الأول‎ (King Fuad I) 15 March 1922 28 April 1936
فاروق الأول‎ (King Farouk I) 28 April 1936 26 July 1952
فؤاد الثاني‎ (King Fuad II) 26 July 1952 18 June 1953
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Egypt: Details
Official NameEgypt
FlagFlag of Egypt
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Flag of Egypt, Ottoman Eyalet Egypt, Ottoman Eyalet 1517 1867
Flag of Egypt, Khedivate and Sultanate Egypt, Khedivate and Sultanate 1867 1922
Egypt: Currencies Used
Egyptian Pound 1834