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Information about Egypt, Khedivate and Sultanate.

Country: Egypt, Khedivate and Sultanate
Province ofOttoman Empire
From year1867
Existed to1922

The Khedivate of Egypt (Arabic: خديوية مصر‎, Ottoman Turkish: خدیویت مصر‎ Hıdiviyet-i Mısır) was an autonomous tributary state of the Ottoman Empire, established and ruled by the Muhammad Ali Dynasty following the defeat and expulsion of Napoleon Bonaparte's forces which brought an end to the short-lived French occupation of Lower Egypt. The United Kingdom occupied the territory in 1882, and British rule lasted until 1914 when the United Kingdom established a protectorate called the Sultanate of Egypt.

The Sultanate of Egypt (Arabic: السلطنة المصرية‎) was a short-lived protectorate that the United Kingdom imposed over Egypt between 1914 and 1922.

Monarch reigns
فؤاد الأول‎ (Sultan Fuad I) 9 October 1917 15 March 1922