Egypt, Khedivate and Sultanate / فؤاد الأول‎ (Sultan Fuad I)

Egypt, Khedivate and Sultanate - فؤاد الأول‎ (Sultan Fuad I) (9 October 1917 - 15 March 1922)

Fuad I (Arabic: فؤاد الأول‎ Fu’ād al-Awwal, Turkish: I. Fuad or Ahmed Fuad Paşa) was the Sultan and later King of Egypt and Sudan, Sovereign of Nubia, Kordofan, and Darfur. The ninth ruler of Egypt and Sudan from the Muhammad Ali dynasty, he became Sultan of Egypt and Sudan in 1917, succeeding his elder brother Sultan Hussein Kamel. He substituted the title of King for Sultan when the United Kingdom recognised Egyptian independence in 1922. His name is sometimes spelled Fouad.

Fuad came under consideration as a candidate for the Albanian throne, but he was ultimately bypassed in favour of a Christian ruler. He ascended the throne of the Sultanate of Egypt upon the death of his brother Hussein Kamel in 1917. In the aftermath of the Egyptian Revolution of 1919, the United Kingdom ended its protectorate over Egypt, and recognised it as a sovereign state on 28 February 1922. On 15 March 1922, Fuad issued a decree changing his title from Sultan of Egypt to King of Egypt.

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فؤاد الأول‎ (Sultan Fuad I): Details
CountryEgypt, Khedivate and Sultanate
From9 October 1917
To15 March 1922
Personal Information King Fuad I of Egypt
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