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Two Sicilies, Kingdom of the (1816 - 1860)

The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (Neapolitan: Regno d"e Ddoje Sicilie, Sicilian: Regnu dî Dui Sicili, Italian: Regno delle Due Sicilie) was the largest of the states of Italy before the Italian unification. It was formed as a union of the Kingdom of Sicily and the Kingdom of Naples, which collectively had long been called the "Two Sicilies" (Utraque Sicilia, literally "both Sicilies").

The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies lasted from 1816 until 1860, when it was annexed by the Kingdom of Sardinia, which eventually became the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. The capitals of the Two Sicilies were in Naples and in Palermo. The kingdom extended over the Mezzogiorno (the southern part of mainland Italy) and the island of Sicily. Jordan Lancaster notes that the integration of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies into the Kingdom of Italy changed the status of Naples forever: "Abject poverty meant that, throughout Naples and Southern Italy, thousands decided to leave in search of a better future." Many went to the United States, Australia and Argentina. The kingdom was heavily agricultural, like the other Italian states; the church owned 50–65% of the land by 1750.

Two Sicilies, Kingdom of the: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
Ferdinando I (King Ferdinand I) 12 December 1816 4 January 1825 1
Francesco Gennaro (King Francis I) 4 January 1825 8 November 1830
Ferdinando Carlo (King Ferdinand II) 8 November 1830 22 May 1859
Francesco II (King Francis II) 22 May 1859 20 March 1861
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Two Sicilies, Kingdom of the: Details
Official NameTwo Sicilies, Kingdom of the
FlagFlag of Two Sicilies, Kingdom of the
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Two Sicilies, Kingdom of the: Currencies Used
Two Sicilies Ducat 1816 1860