Two Sicilies, Kingdom of the / Francesco Gennaro (King Francis I)

Two Sicilies, Kingdom of the - Francesco Gennaro (King Francis I) (4 January 1825 - 8 November 1830)

Francis I of the Two Sicilies (Italian: Francesco Gennaro Giuseppe) was King of the Two Sicilies from 1825 to 1830. He was born the son of Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies and his wife Archduchess Maria Carolina of Austria in Naples. He was also the nephew of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, the last King and Queen of France before the first French Republic.

At the death of his older brother Carlo, Duke of Calabria, Francis became the heir to the throne and Duke of Calabria, the traditional title of the heir apparent to the Neapolitan throne.

On the fall of Napoleon I, his father returned to Naples and suppressed the Sicilian constitution, incorporating his two kingdoms into that of the Two Sicilies (1816); Francis then assumed the revived title of duke of Calabria. While still heir apparent he professed liberal ideas, and on the outbreak of the revolution of 1820 he accepted the regency, apparently in a friendly spirit towards the new constitution.

On succeeding to the throne in 1825, however, he pursued a conservative course. He took little part in the government, which he left in the hands of favourites and police officials, and lived with his mistresses, surrounded by soldiers, ever in dread of assassination. During his reign the only revolutionary movement was the outbreak on the Cilento (1828), repressed by the Marquis Delcarretto, an ex-Liberal. He was, however, successful in having the Austrian occupation force withdrawn (1827), thereby relieving a large financial burden on the treasury.

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Francesco Gennaro (King Francis I): Details
CountryTwo Sicilies, Kingdom of the
From4 January 1825
To8 November 1830
Personal Information King Francis I of the Two Sicilies
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