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Ireland, Lordship of (1171 - 1542)

The Lordship of Ireland (Irish: Tiarnas na h√Čireann), sometimes referred to retroactively as Norman Ireland, was a period of feudal rule in Ireland between 1177 and 1542 under the King of England, styled as Lord of Ireland. The lordship was created as a Papal possession following the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169 - 1171. As the lord of Ireland was also the king of England, he was represented locally by a governor, styled between 1660 - 1922 as the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

Ostensibly, the lordship extended throughout all of Ireland. However, in reality, the king's rule only ever extended to parts of the island. Areas under English rule expanded and retreated over time. Many areas remained separate and outside English rule until the 16th century.

The fluid political situation and feudal system allowed a significant amount of practical autonomy for the Hiberno-Norman nobility, who carved earldoms out for themselves and had almost as much authority as some of the native Gaelic kings. The period was brought to a close by the creation of the Kingdom of Ireland in 1542.

Ireland, Lordship of: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
King John, Lord of Ireland May 1177 19 October 1216
King Henry III, Lord of Ireland 19 October 1216 16 November 1272
King Edward I, Lord of Ireland 16 November 1272 7 July 1307
King Edward II, Lord of Ireland 7 July 1307 25 January 1327
King Edward III, Lord of Ireland 25 January 1327 21 June 1377
King Richard II, Lord of Ireland 21 June 1377 30 September 1399
King Henry IV, Lord of Ireland 30 September 1399 20 March 1413
King Henry V, Lord of Ireland 20 March 1413 31 August 1422
King Henry VI, Lord of Ireland (first reign) 31 August 1422 4 March 1461
King Edward IV, Lord of Ireland (first reign) 4 March 1461 3 October 1470
King Henry VI, Lord of Ireland (second reign) 3 October 1470 11 April 1471
King Edward IV, Lord of Ireland (second reign) 11 April 1471 9 April 1483
King Edward V, Lord of Ireland 9 April 1483 26 June 1483
King Richard III, Lord of Ireland 26 June 1483 22 August 1485
King Henry VII, Lord of Ireland 22 August 1485 21 April 1509
King Henry VIII, Lord of Ireland 21 April 1509 15 February 1542
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