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Austria, Margraviate of (976 - 1156)

The Margraviate of Austria was a southeastern frontier march of the Holy Roman Empire created in 976 out of the territory on the border with the Kingdom of Hungary. Originally under the overlordship of the Dukes of Bavaria, it was ruled by margraves of the Franconian Babenberg dynasty. It became an Imperial State in its own right, when the Babenbergs were elevated to Dukes of Austria in 1156.

Margravial Austria reached its greatest height under Leopold III, a great friend of the church and founder of abbeys. He patronised towns and developed a great level of territorial independence. In 1139, Leopold IV inherited Bavaria. When his successor, the last margrave, Henry Jasomirgott, was deprived of Bavaria in 1156, Austria was elevated to a duchy independent from Bavaria by the Privilegium Minus of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.

Austria, Margraviate of: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
Markgraf Luitpold I. (Margrave Leopold I) 21 July 976 10 July 994
Markgraf Heinrich I. (Margrave Henry I) 10 July 994 23 June 1018
Markgraf Albrecht (Margrave Adalbert) 23 June 1018 26 May 1055
Markgraf Ernst (Margrave Ernest) 26 May 1055 10 June 1075
Markgraf Luitpold II. (Margrave Leopold II) 10 June 1075 12 October 1095
Markgraf Luitpold III. (Margrave Leopold III) 12 October 1095 15 November 1136
Markgraf Luitpold IV. (Margrave Leopold IV), Duke of Bavaria as Leopold I 15 November 1136 18 October 1141
Markgraf Heinrich II. (Margrave Henry II) 18 October 1141 17 August 1156
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Austria, Margraviate of: Details
Official NameMargraviate of Austria
Original NameOstarrîchi
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