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Information about reign: Markgraf Luitpold II. (Margrave Leopold II)

CountryAustria, Margraviate of
From10 June 1075
To12 October 1095
Personal InformationMargrave Leopold II of Austria (1050 - 1095)

Leopold II, known as Leopold the Fair (German: Luitpold der Schöne), a member of the House of Babenberg, was Margrave of Austria from 1075 until his death. A supporter of the Gregorian Reforms, he was one of the main opponents of the German king Henry IV during the Investiture Controversy. He was the son of Margrave Ernest of Austria and his wife Adelaide of Eilenburg, the daughter of the Wettin margrave Dedi I of Lusatia. His Babenberg ancestors had ruled the Margraviate of Austria since the appointment of Leopold's great-grandfather Leopold I in 976.

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