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Netherlands (1813 - )

The Sovereign Principality of the United Netherlands was elevated into The Kingdom of the Netherlands by its first ruler, William Frederick, who was henceforth known as King William I.

Commonly known as the Netherlands, is a sovereign state and constitutional monarchy with territory in western Europe and in the Caribbean. The four parts of the Kingdom - Aruba, Curaçao, the Netherlands, and Sint Maarten - are separate countries (landen in Dutch) and participate on a basis of equality as partners in the Kingdom. In practice, however, most of the Kingdom affairs are administered by the Netherlands - which comprises roughly 98% of the Kingdom's land area and population - on behalf of the entire Kingdom. Consequently, the countries of Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten are dependent on the Netherlands for matters like foreign policy and defence, although they are autonomous to a certain degree with their own parliaments.

The vast majority in land area of the constituent country of the Netherlands (as well as the Kingdom) is located in Europe, with the exception of its three special municipalities (Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Eustatius) that are located in the Caribbean. The constituent countries of Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten are located in the Caribbean as well.

Netherlands: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
Willem I (King William I) 16 March 1815 7 October 1840 1
Willem II (King William II) 7 October 1840 17 March 1849 1
Willem III (King William III) 17 March 1849 23 November 1890 7
Queen Wilhelmina 23 November 1890 4 September 1948 3
Queen Juliana 4 September 1948 30 April 1980
Queen Beatrix 30 April 1980 30 April 2013
King Willem-Alexander 30 April 2013
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Netherlands: Details
Official NameNetherlands
FlagFlag of Netherlands
WikiSee Wikipedia page
Flag of Suriname, Netherlands Suriname, Netherlands 1667 1975
Flag of Netherlands East Indies Netherlands East Indies 1800 1949
Flag of New Guinea, Netherlands New Guinea, Netherlands 1949 1962
Flag of Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles 1954 2010
Flag of Aruba Aruba 1986
Flag of Sint Maarten Sint Maarten 2010
Flag of Curaçao Curaçao 2010
Netherlands: Currencies Used
Euro 1999