Information about currency: Sardinian Lira

Sardinian Lira (1816 - 1861)
Currency NameSardinian Lira
System1 Lira = 100 Centesimi

The lira (plural lire) was the currency of the Kingdom of Sardinia between August 6, 1816 and March 17, 1861. It was subdivided into 100 centesimi (singular centesimo) and was equal in value to the French franc (4.5 grams of silver), which had replaced the Piedmontese shield by 1801. Being no more than the Savoyard version of the franc, it could circulate also in France, as the French coins could circulate in Piedmont. It was replaced at par by the Italian lira. As the great part of the 19th century currencies, it was not affected by significant episodes of inflation during all its existence.

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Sardinian Lira: Details
Issued BySardinia
Sardinian Lira: Users
Flag of Sardinia Sardinia Sardinian Lira 1816 1862
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