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Information about mint: Currency Centre (Irish Mint)

Mint nameCurrency Centre (Irish Mint)
Dates1978 -

The Currency Centre (also known as the Irish Mint) is the mint of coins and printer of banknotes for the Central Bank of Ireland, including the euro currency. The centre is located at Sandyford, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. The centre does not print the complete range of euro banknotes. Other denominations are imported.

The centre was designed by the architect Sam Stephenson, for which he won the RIAI Triennial Gold Medal in 1977-1979 and opened for business in 1978. Before the centre was established, Irish coins were produced in the Royal Mint.

The first euro coins were minted in the centre in September 1999, whilst the first banknotes were printed in April 2000; these commenced delivery to banks and retailers in September (coins) and October (banknotes) of 2001. The final Irish coins, based on the Irish pound, were minted in September 2000 and the final banknotes were printed in April 2001.

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