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Poissy Mint (1922 - 1927)

Poissy is located on the left bank of the Seine River, about 20 kilometers from downtown Paris, in the department of Yvelines. At the time when the Poissy Mint was functioning, the town was part of the Seine-et-Oise department.

The mint of the French Coinage Company of Poissy (l'Atelier Monétaire de la Société Française de Monnayage de Poissy) was established in 1922. The headquarters of the company was in Paris. The society was especially established for striking French 5 and 10 centimes of the Lindauer type (the ones with a hole in the center, similar to the Romanian 5 and 10 bani from 1905-1906), since after WW1 in France there was an acute shortage of small change. Coin production started in the second half of March 1922. The first coins were struck for Morocco.

The Poissy Mint had 12 coin presses, each capable of striking around 25-30 pieces per minute. Here were struck approximately 632 million coins for Romania, Monaco, Indochina, Morocco, Greece, Senegal, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Uruguay, and also millions of various tokens.

The blanks used for strIking coins by the Poissy mint were produced at Le Havre and at Dives-sur-mer (not far from Le Havre).

The Poissy Mint used a thunderbolt mint mark on the coins of France, its colonies, and other countries.

The mint was closed on the 31st of December 1927, due to the fierce international competition on the coin producing market.


le Floch, J., Éléments de numismatique. L'atelier monétaire de Poissy (Seine-et-Oise) de 1922 à 1927. (Elements of Numismatics. The Mint of Poissy (Seine-et-Oise) from 1922 at 1927.) Cercle d'Études Historiques et Archéologiques de Poissy (CEHA), Poissy, 2006.

Coins struck by: Poissy Mint (4)
CountryYearNameMintageMint Mark
Monaco 1924 Two Francs 1924 Pattern 12 None
Bulgaria 1925 Two Leva 1925 20,000,124 Lightning bolt
Bulgaria 1925 One Lev 1925 34,982,289 Lightning bolt
Monaco 1926 One Franc 1926 100,000 None
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Poissy Mint: Details
From Year1922
To Year1927
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Mint Marks used by: Poissy Mint
Lightning bolt

No mint mark