Information about Archduke Ferdinand Charles of Further Austria

Archduke Ferdinand Charles of Further Austria (17 May 1628 - 30 December 1662)

Ferdinand Karl (Ferdinand Charles) was the Archduke of Further Austria, including Tyrol, from 1646 to 1662.

As the son of Archduke Leopold V and Claudia de' Medici, he succeeded his father upon the latter's death in 1632, under his mother's regency. He took over his mother's governatorial duties when he came of age in 1646. To finance his extravagant living style, he sold goods and entitlements. For example, he wasted the exorbitant sum which France had to pay to the Tyrolean Habsburgs for the cession of their fiefs west of the Rhine (Alsace, Sundgau and Breisach). He also fixed the border to Graubünden in 1652.

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Erzherzog Ferdinand Karl (Archduke Ferdinand Charles of Further Austria) Flag of Austria, Habsburg Monarchy Austria, Habsburg Monarchy 13 September 1632 30 December 1662
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