Information about Arnold Hartig

Arnold Hartig (12 August 1878 - 2 February 1972)

Arnold Hartig was a Bohemian sculptor and medalist who worked in Vienna for six decades. In total, he created around 600 works.

Arnold Hartig was a student of the steel engraver Rudolf Zitte. He then attended the arts and crafts college in Gablonz in northern Bohemia and then the arts and crafts school in Vienna with Istvan Stefan Schwartz. His early work around 1903/1904 was based on Art Nouveau. In 1905 he became a member (from 1970 honorary member) of the Vienna K├╝nstlerhaus. He designed large reliefs and medals of personalities and, during the First World War, also war medals on behalf of the Austrian War Welfare Office.

After the end of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Hartig created portraits of industrialists. He also worked with the Vienna Mint, for which he designed numerous schilling coins - before and after the war. His portraits of the composers Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert became famous. In the 1930s he turned to the religiously inspired medal. After the Second World War he created medals for well-known Sudeten Germans. His late work includes medals on which Pope Pius XII is depicted.

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