Information about Hans Köttenstorfer

Hans Köttenstorfer (29 November 1911 - 2 December 1995)

Hans Köttenstorfer was an Austrian medalist and painter.

From 1926 to 1930 he attended Hans Gerstmayr 's class at the technical school for engravers and chasers in Steyr. He then studied medal making at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna for eight semesters with Professor Rudolf Marshall. In 1949 he was appointed to the main mint by the director Friedrich Buberl, who was then head of the Vienna Mint. Ten years later he became head of the engraving department, and in 1965 he was officially appointed chief engraver. He held this position until his retirement in 1977. After that he continued to work as a freelance artist.

During his time at the Main Mint (as the Austrian Mint was called at the time), he created a number of coins and medals, but also worked as a freelance medalist. The best-known and most common pieces are certainly the obverse of the 5 Schilling coin (1961-2001) and the 50-groschen coin, as well as the design of his 10-groschen coin, which seemed quite modern for its time. In addition, he was involved in the design of several Austrian commemorative coins and designed many lucky coins, calendar and occasion medals. His calendar medals are among the top pieces of this genre.

Some of the coins designed by Hans Köttenstorfer include:
- 10 groschen 1951 - 2001
- 50 groschen 1959 - 2001 (obverse)
- 25 shillings - Carinthian referendum (1960)
- 5 shillings 1961-1968 silver, 1968-2001 copper-nickel (obverse)
- 25 shillings - 40 years of Burgenland (1961)
- 25 shillings - 150 years of the Technical University of Vienna (Johann Josef Prechtl) (1965)
- 50 shillings - 450th anniversary of the death of Emperor Maximilian I (1969)
- 50 shillings - 80th birthday of Federal Chancellor Julius Raab (1971)
- 50 shillings - 1200 years of Salzburg Cathedral (1974)
- 500 shillings - 1000 years of Steyr (1980)

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