Information about Jean-Jacques Barre

Jean-Jacques Barre (3 August 1793 - 10 June 1855)

Jean-Jacques Barre was the head engraver at the Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) from 1st January 1843 to 14th Feburary 1855. In this position, he engraved and designed French medals, the Great Seal of France, bank notes and postage stamps.

He also engraved the first Swiss coinage which was initially minted there (these 1 and 2 centime / Rappen coins were designed by Alexander Hutter and engraved by Barre).

His privy mark on coins was a greyhound head looking right.

He is named Jean-Jacques Barre in numismatic publications and Jacques-Jean Barre in philatelic ones. From the late 1840s until 1855, he created the first two French postage stamp designs: the Ceres series and the Napoleon III series.

His two sons (Albert Désiré Barre and and Jean-Auguste Barre), artists themselves, succeeded him at the post of general engraver.

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