Information about Joaquin Jimenez

Joaquin Jimenez (23 October 1956 - )

Joaquin Jimenez is a French medalist and coin designer. He comes from a family of painters, draughtsmen and musicians and continued this tradition by studying at the École régionale des beaux-arts d'Angers , a school for fine arts in Angers, and attending courses at an advertising school.

Jimenez has worked frequently for the Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) since the 1980s and, in addition to the coins of the Republic of France in French francs and euros, has also designed coins for the Swissmint in Swiss francs and for several other countries. His most famous design is the national side of the French euro coins of 1 and 2 euros, with the stylised tree in front of a hexagon, which symbolises the outline of the map of France.

Joaquin Jimenez was appointed Chief Engrave of the Paris Mint in July 2020. His privy mark on coins is a square whose upper left quarter is occupied by a smaller square (symbolising his initials JJ). In his capacity of Chief Engraver, to this is added a stylised rhinoceros head.

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