Information about King Alaric II of the Visigoths

King Alaric II of the Visigoths (458 - August 507)

Alaric II (c. 458/466 – August 507) - from Gothic Alareiks II, also known as Alarik, Alarich, and Alarico in Spanish and Portuguese or Alaricus in Latin - succeeded his father Euric as king of the Visigoths in Toulouse on December 28, 484.

He established his capital at Aire-sur-l'Adour (Vicus Julii) in Aquitaine. His dominions included not only the majority of Hispania (excluding its northwestern corner) but also Gallia Aquitania and the greater part of an as-yet undivided Gallia Narbonensis.

King Alaric II of the Visigoths reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
King Alaric II Visigothic Kingdom 28 December 484 August 507
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Royal Mint
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