Information about King Álvaro VIII of Kongo

King Álvaro VIII of Kongo ((unknown) - January 1669)

Alvaro VIII (Mvemba a Mpanzu), of the House of Kinlaza, was king of the Kingdom of Congo, from 1666 to 1669.

Alvaro VIII was elevated to the throne by Paulo da Silva, Count of Soyo, who marched on São Salvador and killed his predecessor, King Alvaro VII.

In 1667, he sent his ambassador, Anastasius, to Luanda (Angola), to negotiate a treaty that ceded to the Portugueses the right to exploit the mines of Congo, located in the provinces of Mbamba and Mpemba. Theodosius, Duke of Mbamba, bowed to the king's decision, but Peter, Duke of Mbemba, refused.

Leading a small army, Peter attacked Mbamba, killed Theodosius and then invaded the kingdom's capital, São Salvador, killing Alvaro VIII and proclaimed himself king under the name of Peter III.

King Álvaro VIII of Kongo reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Manikongo Álvaro VIII Mvemba a Mpanzu (King Álvaro VIII) Flag of Kongo Kongo June 1666 January 1669
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