Information about King Francis Phoebus of Navarre

King Francis Phoebus of Navarre (4 December 1467 - 7 January 1483)

Francis Phoebus (Basque: Frantzisko Febus, French: François Fébus, Spanish: Francisco Febo) was king of Navarre (1479–1483), Viscount of Bearn, and Count of Foix (1472). He was the son of Gaston, Prince of Viana, and grandson of Queen Eleanor, whom he succeeded. She recommended him to ally with France.

His succession was approved by the Agramont party, while the Beaumont party fell behind Ferdinand the Catholic who started to build up political and military pressure on the Kingdom of Navarre in the run-up to the fully-fledged invasion of 1512.

During his brief reign, Francis Phoebus was under the protection of his mother, the regent Magdalena of Valois. He died young, arguably poisoned, and was buried in Lescar.

King Francis Phoebus of Navarre reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Frantzisko Febus (King Francis Phoebus) Flag of Navarre Navarre 12 February 1479 7 January 1483
Royal Mint
Royal Mint
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