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Navarre (824 - 1841)

The Kingdom of Navarre (Basque: Nafarroako Erresuma, Spanish: Reino de Navarra, French: Royaume de Navarre, Latin: Regnum Navarrae), originally the Kingdom of Pamplona, was a Basque-based kingdom that occupied lands on either side of the western Pyrenees, alongside the Atlantic Ocean between present-day Spain and France.

The medieval Kingdom of Pamplona was formed when the native chieftain Íñigo Arista was elected or declared King in Pamplona (traditionally in 824), and led a revolt against the regional Frankish authority.

The southern part of the kingdom was conquered by the Crown of Castile in 1512 (permanently in 1524), becoming part of the unified Kingdom of Spain. The northern part of the kingdom remained independent, but it joined with France by personal union in 1589 when King Henry III of Navarre inherited the French throne as Henry IV of France, and in 1620 it was merged into the Kingdom of France. The monarchs of this unified state took the title "King of France and Navarre" until its fall in 1792, and again during the Bourbon Restoration from 1814 until 1830 (with a short break in 1815).

In 1837 a Spanish Liberal, centralist constitution was proclaimed in Madrid, and Isabella II recognized as queen. Following the August 31st, 1839 armistice putting an end to the First Carlist War, Navarre remained in a shaky state.

Its separate status was acknowledged on the Act promulgated in October that year, but after arrival of Baldomero Espartero and the anti-fueros Progressives to office in Madrid, talks with Navarrese Liberal negotiators led to a near-assimilation of Navarre with the Spanish province. Navarre was not a kingdom anymore, but another Spanish province. In exchange for giving up self-government, the Navarrese got the Compromise Act (the Ley Paccionada) in 1841, a set of tax, administrative and other prerogatives, conjuring up an idea of 'compromise between two equal sides', and not a granted charter.

Navarre: List of Rulers.
Reign / RuleFromToCoins Issued
Eneko (King Íñigo Arista) 824 851
Gartzea Eneko (King García Íñiguez) 851 870
Orti Gartzez (King Fortún Garcés) 870 905
Antso Ia. Gartzez (King Sancho Garcés I) 905 10 December 925
Semero Gartzez (King Jimeno Garcés) 10 December 925 29 May 931
Gartzea I.a Sanoitz (King García Sánchez I) 10 December 925 970
Antso II.a Gartzez (King Sancho Garcés II) 970 994
Gartzea II.a Sanoitz (King García Sánchez II) 994 1000
Antso Gartzez Nagusia (King Sancho Garcés III) 1004 18 October 1035
Gartzea III.a Sanoitz (King García Sánchez III) 18 October 1035 15 September 1054
Antso IV.a Gartzez (King Sancho Garcés IV) 15 September 1054 4 June 1076
Antso V.a Ramirez (King Sancho V Ramírez) 4 June 1076 4 June 1094
Petri I.a Sanoitz (King Peter I) 4 June 1094 27 September 1104
Alfontso I.a Borrokalaria (King Alfonso I the Battler) 28 September 1104 8 September 1134
Gartzea IV.a Ramirez Berrezarlea (King García Ramírez the Restorer) 8 September 1134 21 November 1150
Antso VI.a (King Sancho VI Garcés) 21 November 1150 27 June 1194
Antso VII.a Azkarra (King Sancho VII Sánchez) 11 June 1194 7 April 1234
Tibalt I.a Trobalaria (King Theobald I the Troubadour) 7 April 1234 8 July 1253
Tibalt II.a Gaztea (King Theobald II the Young) 8 July 1253 4 December 1270
Henrike I.a Gizena (King Henry I the Fat) 4 December 1270 22 July 1274
Joana I.a (Queen Joan I), sole rule 22 July 1274 16 August 1284
Joana I.a (Queen Joan I) and Filipe Ederra (King Philip I) 16 August 1284 4 April 1305
Luis I.a (King Louis I) 4 April 1305 5 June 1316
King John I the Posthumous 15 November 1316 20 November 1316
King Philip II 20 November 1316 3 January 1322
Karlos I.a (King Charles I the Bald) 3 January 1322 1 February 1328
Queen Joan II and King Philip III 1 February 1328 16 September 1343
Queen Joan II (sole rule) 16 September 1343 6 October 1349
Karlos II.a (King Charles II) 6 October 1349 1 January 1387
Karlos III.a (King Charles III) 1 January 1387 8 September 1425
Zuria I.a (Queen Blanche I) and Joanes II.a (King John II of Aragon) 8 September 1425 1 April 1441
Karlos IV.a (Charles, Prince of Viana), de jure only 1 April 1441 23 September 1461
Joanes II.a (King John II of Aragon), sole rule 1 April 1441 20 January 1479
Zuria II.a (Queen Blanche II), claimant 23 September 1461 2 December 1464
Leonor (Queen Eleanor) 28 January 1479 12 February 1479
Frantzisko Febus (King Francis Phoebus) 12 February 1479 7 January 1483
Katalina (Queen Catherine), first sole rule 7 January 1483 1484
Katalina (Queen Catherine) and Joanes III.a (King John III) 1484 14 June 1516
Katalina (Queen Catherine), second sole rule 14 June 1516 12 February 1517
Henrike II.a (King Henry II) 12 February 1517 25 May 1555
Joana Albretekoa (Queen Jeanne III d'Albret) and King Antoine 25 May 1555 17 November 1562
Joana Albretekoa (Queen Jeanne III d'Albret), sole rule 17 November 1562 9 June 1572
King Henry III the Great, King of France as Henry IV 9 June 1572 14 May 1610
Louis II le Juste (King Louis II the Just), King of France as Louis XIII 14 May 1610 14 May 1643
Louis XIV le Grand, le Roi Soleil (Louis XIV the Great, the Sun King) 14 May 1643 1 September 1715
Louis XV le Bien-Aimé (King Louis XV the Beloved) 1 September 1715 10 May 1774
Louis XVI le Restaurateur de la Liberté Française (King Louis XVI the Restorer of French Liberty) 10 May 1774 21 September 1792
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Navarre: Details
Official NameKingdom of Navarre
Original NameNafarroako Erresuma
FlagFlag of Navarre
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