Information about King Pedro I of Kongo

King Pedro I of Kongo ((unknown) - 1550)

Pedro I Nkanga a Mvemba was manikongo of the Kingdom of Kongo from 1543 until being deposed in 1545.

Pedro I was the son of King Afonso I and became his immediate successor in 1543. He was part of a splinter kanda known as the Kibala (Portuguese: Quibala) or court faction or house in Kongo which had its roots in the House of Kilukeni. He ruled only briefly before being overthrown by his nephew and Afonso I's grandson, Diogo I. Records of the events leading up to and following his dethronement were preserved in the inquest after Pedro's failed attempt to regain power.

King Pedro I of Kongo reigned in...
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Manikongo Pedro I Nkanga a Mvemba (King Pedro I) Flag of Kongo Kongo 1543 1545
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