Information about King Philip III of Navarre

King Philip III of Navarre (27 March 1306 - 15 September 1343)

Philip III (Basque: Filipe, Spanish: Felipe, French: Philippe), called the Noble or the Wise, was King of Navarre from 1328 until 1343. He was born a minor member of the French royal family but gained prominence when the Capetian main line went extinct, as he and his wife and cousin, Joan II of Navarre, acquired the Iberian kingdom and a number of French fiefs.

Philip and Joan's accession signified the end of the 44-year-long personal union between France and Navarre. Although both were ultimately unable to claim the crown of France, Philip and Joan were powerful vassals of the Valois king Philip VI as well as successful co-monarchs in Navarre. Despite initial reluctance by the Navarrese to accept him as king alongside Joan, Philip in particular is credited with improving the kingdom's legislature. The couple resided chiefly in their French lands but spent enough time in Navarre to earn them substantial popularity in the country.

Philip actively supported his Valois cousin with his troops and as army leader, especially during the onset of the Hundred Years' War. During his joint reign with his wife, however, the focus of Navarre again shifted to its Iberian neighbours. This may have influenced Philip to join the crusade against the Kingdom of Granada, during which he fell ill, possibly wounded, and died.

King Philip III of Navarre reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Queen Joan II and King Philip III Flag of Navarre Navarre 1 February 1328 16 September 1343
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