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To4 June 1094

Sancho Ramírez was King of Aragon from 1063 until 1094 and King of Pamplona from 1076 under the name of Sancho V (Basque: Antso V.a Ramirez). He was the eldest son of Ramiro I and Ermesinda of Bigorre. His father was the first king of Aragon and an illegitimate son of Sancho III of Pamplona. He inherited the Aragonese crown from his father in 1063. Sancho Ramírez was chosen king of Pamplona (later known as Navarre) by Navarrese noblemen after Sancho IV was murdered by his siblings.

Sancho Ramírez married Isabella of Urgell, daughter of Ermengol III, Count of Urgell around the year 1062. They had one known child, Peter (known as "the Catholic"), who ruled as King of Aragon and Pamplona from 1094 until 1104.

King Sancho Ramírez of Aragon reigned in...
Reigned asIn countryCoinsFromTo
King Sancho Ramírez Aragon 1063 4 June 1094
Antso V.a Ramirez (King Sancho V Ramírez) Navarre 4 June 1076 4 June 1094
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