Information about King Theodoric I of the Visigoths

King Theodoric I of the Visigoths (390 - 24 June 451)

Theodoric I (Gothic: Þiudareiks; German: Theodorid or Theodorich; Latin: Theodericus), (c. 390 or 393 – 20 or 24 June 451) known in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian as Teodorico, was the Germanic King of the Visigoths from 418 to 451 AD. An illegitimate son of Alaric, Theodoric is famous for his part in defeating Attila at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains in 451, where he was killed on June 24.

King Theodoric I of the Visigoths reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
King Theodoric I Visigothic Kingdom 419 24 June 451
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