Information about King Valdemar II of Denmark

King Valdemar II of Denmark (9 May 1170 - 28 March 1241)

Valdemar II (9 May 1170 or 28 June 1170 – 28 March 1241), called Valdemar the Victorious or Valdemar the Conqueror (Valdemar Sejr), was the King of Denmark from 1202 until his death in 1241. The nickname Sejr is a later invention and was not used during the King's own lifetime. Sejr means victory in Danish.

King Valdemar II of Denmark reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Valdemar 2. Sejr (King Valdemar II) Flag of Denmark Denmark 1202 28 March 1241
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