Denmark / Valdemar 2. Sejr (King Valdemar II)

Denmark - Valdemar 2. Sejr (King Valdemar II) (1202 - 28 March 1241)

Valdemar II (9 May 1170 or 28 June 1170 – 28 March 1241), called Valdemar the Victorious or Valdemar the Conqueror (Valdemar Sejr), was the King of Denmark from 1202 until his death in 1241. The nickname Sejr is a later invention and was not used during the King's own lifetime. Sejr means victory in Danish.

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Valdemar 2. Sejr (King Valdemar II): Details
To28 March 1241
Personal Information King Valdemar II of Denmark
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