Information about King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy

King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy (11 November 1869 - 28 December 1947)

Victor Emmanuel III (Italian: Vittorio Emanuele III, Albanian: Viktor Emanueli III) was King of Italy (29 July 1900 - 9 May 1946). In addition, he claimed the thrones of Ethiopia and Albania as Emperor of Ethiopia (1936-41) and King of the Albanians (1939-43), which were not recognised by all great powers. During his long reign (45 years), which began after the assassination of his father Umberto I, the Kingdom of Italy became involved in two World Wars. His reign also encompassed the birth, rise, and fall of Italian Fascism.

Victor Emmanuel abdicated his throne in 1946 to his son Umberto II, hoping to strengthen the support for the monarchy against an ultimately successful referendum to abolish it. He then went in exile to Alexandria, Egypt, where he died and was buried the following year.

He was nicknamed by the Italians as "Re soldato" (Soldier King) and "Re vittorioso" (Victorious King) after Italy was victorious in the First World War. He was also nicknamed "Sciaboletta" ("little sabre") due to his height of 1.53 metres.

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