Information about Sultan Abu l-Hasan Ali of Granada

Sultan Abu l-Hasan Ali of Granada ((unknown) - 1485)

Abu l-Hasan Ali (Arabic: أبو الحسن علي‎‎ Abū al-Ḥasan ‘Alī), known as Muley Hacén in Spanish (Muley being derived from Arabic Mawlay = "My Lord"), was the twenty-first Nasrid ruler of the Emirate of Granada in Spain, from 1464 to 1482 and again from 1483 to 1485.

Son of Said, Abu l-Hasan Ali became sultan in 1464, and in 1477 he refused to pay tribute to the Crown of Castile. In 1481 he ordered a invasion to the city of Zahara de la Sierra by surprise, killing and enslaving Christians unarmed. This action is taken by Isabella I of Castile as a pretext to start the war against Granada.

He was the father of Muhammad XII (also known as Boabdil), the last sultan of Granada, by his relative Aixa.

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