Information about Sultan Ismail II of Granada

Sultan Ismail II of Granada (2 October 1338 - 24 June 1360)

Ismail II was the second son of Yusuf I and the ninth Nasrid ruler of the Moorish Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus on the Iberian Peninsula. He reigned from August 1359 until June 1360.

Ismail II was the eldest son of Yusuf I's second wife Maryem, born nine months after his elder half-brother Muhammed V on October 2, 1338. He conspired with his mother, his full blood sister and her husband Muhammed VI to take control of the kingdom. The conspirators took the palace by surprise in August 1359. Ismail II's half-brother, the legitimate ruler Muhammed V escaped with his family first to Gaudix and then across the sea to Morocco, where he was given asylum.

Ismail II came to the throne and lasted less than a year. He and his brother Qays were murdered in a dungeon of the Alhambra on the orders of his brother in-law Muhammed VI on June 24, 1360. His brother in-law ruled as Muhammed VI.

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Sultan Ismail II Flag of Granada Granada August 1359 24 June 1360
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