Information about Sultan Yusuf III of Granada

Sultan Yusuf III of Granada (1374 - 1417)

Yusuf III (Arabic: يوسف الثالث‎‎) was the thirteenth Nasrid ruler of the Moorish Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus on the Iberian Peninsula from 1408 to 1417. He inherited the throne from his brother, Muhammed VII, and was a noted builder and poet.

Yusuf III had constructed the northernmost of the Nasrid dynasty palaces on the hill of the Alhambra. His palace was allowed to fall into ruin after the Christian takeover, leaving only a lovely arcade and tower. Terraced gardens were reconstructed in the 20th century.

Sultan Yusuf III of Granada reigned in...
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يوسف الثالث‎‎ (Sultan Yusuf III) Flag of Granada Granada 1408 1417
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Royal Mint
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