Information about Tsar Fyodor I of Russia

Tsar Fyodor I of Russia (31 May 1557 - 17 January 1598)

Fyodor (Theodore) I Ivanovich (Russian: Фёдор I Иванович) or Feodor I Ioannovich (Russian: Феодор I Иоаннович), also known as Feodor the Bellringer, was the last Rurikid Tsar of Russia (1584-1598).

Feodor's mother died when he was three, and he grew up in the shadow of his father, Ivan the Terrible. A pious man of retiring disposition, Feodor took little interest in politics, and the country was effectively administered in his name by Boris Godunov, the brother of his beloved wife Irina. His childless death left the Rurikid dynasty extinct, and spurred Russia's descent into the catastrophic Time of Troubles.

In Russian documents, Feodor is sometimes called blessed (Russian: Блаженный). He is also listed in the "Great Synaxaristes" of the Orthodox Church, with his feast day on January 7 (old style).

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Царь Фёдор I Иванович (Tsar Fyodor I) Flag of Russia, Tsardom of Russia, Tsardom of 28 March 1584 17 January 1598
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