Information about Tsar Ivaylo of Bulgaria

Tsar Ivaylo of Bulgaria ((unknown) - 1280)

Ivaylo, also spelled Ivailo, (Bulgarian: Ивайло) was a rebel leader and emperor (Tsar) of Bulgaria.

In 1277, he spearheaded a peasant uprising and forced the nobles to accept him as emperor. He reigned as emperor from 1278 to 1279, scoring victories against the Byzantines and the Mongols, but beset by foreign and domestic enemies, which included the Bulgarian nobility, he was forced into exile among the Mongols, where he presented himself as a dethroned vassal.

The Mongols then killed him in 1280 as an enemy of the Byzantine emperor Michael VIII Palaeologus.

Tsar Ivaylo of Bulgaria reigned in...
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