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Information about reign: สุริเยนทราธิบดี (King Suriyenthrathibodi)

Personal InformationKing Suriyenthrathibodi of Ayutthaya (unknown - 1709)

Sanphet VIII (Thai: สรรเพชญ์ที่ ๘) or Suriyenthrathibodi (Thai: สุริเยนทราธิบดี) was the King of Ayutthaya from 1703 to 1709 and the second ruler of the Ban Phlu Luang Dynasty. Suriyenthrathibodi was also known by the noble title he held before ascending the throne, Luang Sorasak (Thai: หลวงสรศักดิ์). He was the eldest son of the founder of the Ban Phlu Luang dynasty, Phetracha.