Ayutthaya / อุทุมพร (King Uthumphon)

Ayutthaya - อุทุมพร (King Uthumphon) (1758 - 1758)

Uthumphon (Thai: อุทุมพร; Burmese: ဥဒုမ္ဗရ) or Uthumphon Mahaphon Phinit (Thai: อุทุมพรมหาพรพินิต) was the 32nd and penultimate monarch of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, ruling in 1758 for about two months. Facing various throne claimants, Uthumphon was finally forced to abdicate and enter monkhood. His preference of being a monk rather than keep the throne, earned him the epithet "Khun Luang Ha Wat" (Thai: ขุนหลวงหาวัด), or "the king who prefers the temple".

In 1758, upon the passing of Borommakot, Uthumphon was crowned. However, he faced oppositions from his three half-brothers, namely, Kromma Muen Chit Sunthon, Kromma Muen Sunthon Thep, and Kromma Muen Sep Phakdi. Uthumphon had his half-brothers arrested and executed.

Ekkathat, forced to become a monk, decided to leave the priesthood and seek the throne. Uthumporn then gave up his throne to his brother and entered a monastery as a monk.

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